Making Weapons: 3 Interesting Ideas

A lot of people are into making weapons nowadays and this is the reason why we can easily find guides and instructions on how to make weapons.  However, a lot of them don’t make sense.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of them do make sense.  Unfortunately, a million other people think so too.  So you end up making something that a 12 year old kid already made a year before you.

This is why a lot of people are looking into newer possibilities.  This takes spud cannons, pepper sprays, camera stun guns and the likes out of the question.  But don’t disregard them just yet.  A lot of people still get a kick from making them especially if they’re beginners.

Some people sometimes take things one step higher by improving an existing design.  This is usually not a good idea because most of these weapons, especially the popular ones, are already proven to be very effective.  However, some people do have the imagination and creativity to reinvent “wheels”, so to speak.

Now, interesting doesn’t mean that it works.  So some of these weapons are interesting to the point of being great while some of them are interesting to the point of being “are you crazy?!”  With that being said, here are 3 interesting ideas for making weapons:

Potato Gatling gun

This is very interesting because it takes the potato cannon and well, turned it into a Gatling gun.    A Gatling gun is an interesting weapon in itself since it’s considered as the grandfather of modern machine guns.  So a lot of people became interested with this weapon as evident by the amount of feedback that it got at the Maker Faire where this project was showcased.

So basically, they turned the highly powerful potato cannon that’s capable of firing projectiles for hundreds of yards into a rapid-fire Gatling gun that’s capable of firing projectiles quickly.  It’s easy to see why the DeRose family, the family that came up with the design, thought of making a Gatling gun out of the popular potato cannon.  After all, one drawback of the potato cannon is it takes some time to load and fire it.

Instead of using a spark generator, the family used spark plugs at the end of each barrel and they’re all connected to a transformer via metal contacts.  The gun still uses hairspray.  They placed small holes on each barrel covered by a sliding door so they don’t have to take the whole assembly apart to arm the gun.

The results were as expected as it fired 6 potatoes in rapid successions.  However, it’s important to note that it lacks the power of a single-barrel potato cannon.  So as far as using it as a weapon is concerned, the potato Gatling gun is nowhere near the destructive power of a single-barrel potato cannon.  The engineering is interesting though and it might be a good weekend project.

Repeating crossbow

A repeating crossbow is a crossbow that has a magazine so you can shoot bolts quicker.  A good repeating crossbow can shoot 5 bolts in 5 seconds which is unheard of if you’re using a regular crossbow.  It’s been around for basically forever.  But there are very few homemade versions mainly due to the lack of knowledge.

It’s interesting because it solves the biggest issue against crossbows.  We all know that stirrups are there for a reason.  It’s because it takes a little effort to load a crossbow.  A repeating crossbow has a magazine on top where you can load the bolts.  That’s mainly the difference.  Additionally, it has a pump slide just like in a shotgun and this pump slide is used to draw the string to the bolt.  The slide also plays a part in creating a clear path for the string and the bolt to go through when you press the trigger.  Gravity would then do its job and let the bolts fall in position one by one.

As you can probably see, the power and accuracy is not that affected.  While you can make stronger single-shot crossbows, a repeating crossbow can let you shoot more quickly with basically the same accuracy.  So ask yourself which do you need, power or the ability to shoot quicker?

Ninja weapons

Ninja weapons need no introductions.  A lot of people think that ninjas are the most bad-ass fighters known to men and that they’d win a fight with just about anyone.  This is mainly because of their martial arts training and their weapons.  Some of the popular weapons are:

  • Throwing knives
  • Nunchucks
  • Throwing darts
  • Ninja stars

A lot of people find the idea of making ninja weapons interesting.  It’s good to know that they’re very easy to do.

However, it’s very hard to master using them.  They’re very easy to do but they’re not something that you can use effectively after a few practice.

Ask yourself if you want to do something boring or interesting if you plan on making weapons.  But also ask yourself why you’re making them and you’ll have a better answer.